A Fresh & Creative Approach For Choosing Your Girl's Engagement Ring!

Planning on proposing? Yay. Go you! Engagement ring sorted? If not, read on…

Choosing an engagement ring your lady is going to LOVE is a particularly daunting prospect when you really start to think about. Especially if your girl is a bit of a picky princess like me!

When you’re about to spend thousands on an engagement ring, you need to get it right, first time. No looks of disappointment if perhaps you didn’t get it quite right, or trips back to the engagement ring shop.

After all, she’s the love of your life and she’s going to wear this ring for the rest of her life – so you absolutely want it to be right.

So do you want to hear an innovative idea for choosing an engagement ring that is modern, fresh and creative and will ensure she ends up with the ring of her dreams? You do! That’s good.

It’s called the holding ring. Yes. The holding ring.

A Fresh & Creative Approach For Choosing Your Girl’s Engagement Ring!

The idea is… you purchase a super pretty, chic and stylish ring to propose with and then once she’s said yes, you go engagement ring shopping together!

It’s the perfect solution. Here are 12 rings that are stylish and cost between £100 to £400.

Aren’t they pretty!

In fact, when you find the perfect engagement ring together, one of these beauties would just be proudly relegated to the other hand.

If you need more engagement ring inspiration, check out this engagement ring post from want that wedding. It’s 40 engagement rings your bride-to-be secretly wants!

Still need help selecting an engagement ring – then call on us, we offer a bespoke service for finding your one, the one. Just drop us an email on info@theoneromance.com

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