Barbershop Quartet Marriage Proposal

Watch this amazing Barbershop Quartet Marriage Proposal in front of The Royal Albert Hall or read on to find out all the details!

London is filled with hundreds of spectacular things to see and do which can sometimes be quite overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to find the perfect spot to propose! That’s where the proposal planner company The One Romance come in; with years of experience and insider knowledge, you can be confident that we will know the perfect place to propose!

Bernardo got in touch with our incredibly creative Proposal Planners as he was visiting London from the USA with his girlfriend Shannon and wanted his proposal to be quintessentially British whilst incorporating her love for live music! 

The Royal Albert Hall came to mind instantly, being the epitome of British musical culture hosting over 390 shows each year including the Proms each summer since 1941! It also has a stunning exterior with the ‘The Triumph of Arts and Sciences’ mosaic frieze that would be the perfect background for a proposal!  

Having found the ideal location, our Proposal Planners wanted to make the occasion even more unique and memorable for the couple. They found a talented barbershop quartet that would sing to Shannon outside The Royal Albert Hall! It was perfect; combining Shannon’s love of music and two British traditions, this would be an unforgettable proposal! 

It all began with Bernardo asking Shannon if he could take a photo of her outside the famous concert hall. As he stepped back, four men approached and gave Shannon a red rose whilst singing Bruno Mars ‘Marry You’ acapella.

The final rose came from Bernardo who also gave her a beautiful ring and proposed! She said yes!!

Congratulations Bernardo & Shannon! We wish you all the happiness for your future together! 

As proposal experts, we understand that each couple has a different past that will influence how you want to ask your other half to be a part of your future! From your favourite food, music and films to where you first met, had your first date and first kiss, each couple has a different story. Let The One Romance create a stress-free and ultra-personal proposal for you, all you have to do is get in touch! 

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