How To Propose With An Advent Calendar

Are you looking to give ‘the one’ the ultimate Christmas present this year i.e. an engagement ring? If so, then why not make every day count and propose with a creative, tailor-made advent calendar guaranteed to take her breath away.

One idea for how to pop the question with a bespoke advent calendar is to wrap up 24 special gifts that relate to your relationship or that showcase a reason why you love her. These could then all gear up to present number 25: the engagement ring.

Advent Calendar

Or perhaps you want to turn up the romance! Well, if that’s the case, an advent calendar with a love note behind each window should do the trick. The last love letter could contain that all-important question ‘Will you marry me?’, at which point you could get down on one knee.


Alternatively, you could give her the ultimate surprise with a traditional shop-bought advent calendar but substitute the chocolate behind door number 25 with a sparkler. Engagement ring trumps chocolate every time – fact!

For more suggestions on how to plan the perfect, personal proposal this Christmas, simply drop us an email at and one of Santa’s little helpers will be in touch!

Lucy, The One Romance

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