Music for your Marriage Proposal

At The One Romance we understand the importance of music for your marriage proposal. Music provides the soundtrack to our lives. From the moment we are born, music has the power to remind us of a certain place, event, or person.

Whether it’s the song playing on the car radio on the way to hospital for the birth of a baby. A wedding song, or perhaps a certain funeral hymn, or a lullaby sung by a mother to her child: everyone goes through life amassing a catalogue of music that’s meaningful to them.

Your proposal is another huge life event where the choice of music is absolutely key. This will be a sound you remember for the rest of your life, so getting it right is crucial! Some people choose their partner’s favourite song.Our client Matan staged a surprise proposal with a planted busker singing his partner Natali’s favourite song, “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri.

Natali’s reaction was absolutely priceless, and the personal touch of her favourite song made the moment even more special. A song has the power to send a thousand beautiful memories of your time together rushing through your head – maybe it was playing on the radio or at a party when you first met, or perhaps it was the song that made you realise you finally understood the meaning of all those gooey love songs because you had fallen in love yourself. Music will bring those emotions back to the forefront and make your proposal all the more meaningful.

Not only this, but music can be a fantastic way to celebrate your engagement. The exhilaration of a beautiful firework display set to uplifting, joyous music will be a memory that stays with you forever. What better way to celebrate your future together?

Here at The One Romance, we help you pick out the perfect music for your proposal, to make it as special and memorable as it possibly can be. You can trust our experienced planners to get it absolutely right!

By the time of your wedding celebrations, you will hear your proposal songs and be able to look back at a wonderful moment that marked the beginning of an incredible future together, surrounded by family and friends in celebration of your union.

What could be more beautiful than that?

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