Waddesdon Manor Proposal with Projection

Ravi contacted us a couple months ago to us to help plan a spectacular luxury proposal for his beautiful girlfriend Sheena. His main request was a spectacularly luxurious location which is why we immediately thought of an incredible ‘waddesdon manor proposal’ at  the incredible Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire. Waddesdon is owned by the Rothschild family and is an incredibly elegant and ‘wow-inducing’ venue in the UK.

Waddeston mannor proposal
The stunning Waddesdon Manor – the perfect location for our Luxury proposal
Waddeston manor proposal
A proposal venue like no other!
Waddeston manor proposal
Waddesdon was the perfect proposal location for Ravi and Sheena

The One Romance team decided to visit the location for our Waddesdon Manor proposal to work out what romantic opportunities there were. Ravi had previously told us that his girlfriend loved photographs so what better way to propose than project their life story onto the side of this beautiful venue!

Luxury proposal ideas
Proposing in luxury

However, we were adamant that Ravi’s proposal surpassed any other proposal that has taken place at the Manor so we helped him plan an entire day that would completely overwhelm Sheena! The day started with a private helicopter ride over London.

Ravi and Sheena set off on their private helicopter tour over London
London spread out below them

Ravi and Sheena then visited The Shard for a private tour before having a delicious lunch at the UK’s most romantic restaurant: Clos Maggiore,

A luxury lunch at the UK’s most romantic restaurant
Imagine dining beneath this rooftop

Once lunch had finished they jumped into Ravi’s brand new Rolls Royce and headed out into the countryside and towards Waddesdon Manor, where our Proposal Planners had been busy setting up the proposal.

Luxury proposal ideas
Meanwhile our Proposal Planners were hard at work setting up for the proposal
Luxury proposal ideas
The atmosphere around the manor had to be ‘just right’
Waddeston manor proposal
A projection of photos of Ravi and Sheena were projected onto the Manor

When Ravi and Sheena arrived at the Manor, they found a pathway of lights and candles that led them in front of the magnificent building. A string quartet started to play as they approached and suddenly the whole of the back of the building was lit up with photos from the couples relationship!

Waddeston manor proposal
Sheena and Ravi arrived to see their love story projected onto the building
Luxury proposal ideas
Photos from the day they met covered the manor
Luxury proposal ideas
Sheena had no idea what was about to happen!

As the projection came to an end, the manor came to life as the lights were turned on and Ravi got down onto one knee!

Waddeston manor proposal

Luxury proposal ideas

Luxury proposal ideas

Our photographer was there to capture the special moment and then the couple had a gorgeous photoshoot to celebrate their engagement!

Luxury proposal ideas

Waddeston manor proposal

After the proposal, Ravi wrote to us and said;

“I can’t begin to speak highly enough about Tiffany and Amanda. They took their time to ensure the proposal was everything I could have imagined and more. They went above and beyond to make it a special night, full of romance, tears and ecstasy when I heard the word ‘YES!”.  You guys have created a memory we will forever hold and one day tell our children about.  Sheena and I just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making the first day of our ‘happily ever after’ out of this world.”

If you would like to propose at Waddesdon Manor or would like us to plan a luxury proposal for you then please drop us an email on info@theoneromance.com.We would love to help you plan something spectacular!

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