Marry Me Sign

"Making romantic dreams come true" The Express

Proposal Idea: On the day of your proposal, you and your partner will walk too a beautiful location which we would have secured for you. This could be within one of London’s beautiful parks, or alongside the river on the South Bank. As you arrive, you will either stumble across a stunning “Will You Marry Me?” sign or a “Marry Me” sign will be revealed before you get down on one knee to propose.

What it includes:

  • A beautiful handmade Marry Me Sign
  • Full proposal plan outlining details, timings, location suggestions etc
  • Proposal planning consultations in run up to the proposal
  • A proposal planner to be with you on the day


Additional extras you may wish to include:

  • Hire of a private venue or garden
  • Videographer
  • A singer to serenade you both
  • Photographer
  • Flowers
  • Champagne

Proposal Packages from £1000

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