5 things you didnt know about getting engaged

So you think you know how you will feel when getting engaged? Like every woman waiting to be proposed to, I’m sure you’ve thought about if you will laugh, cry, forget to say yes?! Beehive it or not, a lot of things you think about getting engaged might actually be untrue. Check out our 5 things you didn’t know about getting engaged:

Your Reaction May Surprise You

I thought when it came time to be proposed to I would know exactly what was happening! When it happened, I had no clue! I actually ended up hyperventilating! I also thought I would cry, I didn’t cry – I was too happy. Just remember your reaction is natural and all your own, there is not “right” way to react to being proposed to!


Other’s Reactions May Surprise You

Everyone will have something to say: from commenting on your ring size, to commenting on this stage of your life. I encountered a few rude comments from people asking exactly how big my ring was for example or even comparing the size of theirs to mine! Honestly, I have no clue how many carats it is or how much it cost! It doesn’t concern me, it’s my ring and I love it simply because it came from my fiancée. Just keep in mind the people who truly matter to you will never cross your boundaries or hurt your feelings.


People Will Ask When the Wedding Is…RIGHT AWAY!

When I came home from my trip where my fiancée proposed I was immediately inundated with questions! Take the time you need or want to actually enjoy being engaged before rushing in to give these people an answer! You don’t have to know right away and that’s okay. It doesn’t make you indecisive and it doesn’t make you rude if you simply don’t know yet.

You’ll Get Distracted Easily

This new bauble is certainly distracting. I have never been one for wearing show-y jewlery or a lot of jewellery at all for that matter! I actually missed an exit driving to a place where I frequent because I was staring at my ring as it hit the sunlight!

A Milestone Has Just Come & Gone

As a little girl I always dreamed of what my proposal would be like or the prince that would sweep me off my feet. When you’re in the middle of falling in love with someone or just living your day to day with somebody else it time may catch up with you. After my fiancee proposed it finally hit me, one of the biggest moments of my life had just come and gone and it made me kind of sad! Just another reminder to stop and look around for a moment, appreciate this time of your life and how you and your fiancee got her. It’s the journey that truly matters the most.


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