5 Things You Need To Do Before You Propose!

Sound her out!

Ok, so you don’t want to make it obvious that you are going to propose, but you do need to have a very strong feeling that she will actually say yes.

Luckily in modern day relationships, the topic of marriage tends to occur naturally and usually within the first flush of romance you both work out if you have the same values and desires.

Assuming you’re both head over heels in love and have a stable, committed relationship you are good to go.

Ask her Dad’s permission


This is such a lovely thing to do and really shows respect for her Father, family values and of course is totally romantic.

Asking her Dad is such a good start to your engagement and will help you bond even more with the first big love of her life.

Even if she isn’t close to her father, there must be one family member that you feel is appropriate to ask – it doesn’t just have to be her dad! If she is close to her grandparents or you think asking her mother would be a good idea, then go for it!

Find the perfect ring

The Ring!

Without giving the game away, you need to suss out what type of ring your lady will love. No point buying her a beautiful solitaire diamond ring if diamonds aren’t her thing.

Perhaps she might love a pretty gemstone or a vintage beauty. Pay attention to what type of jewellery she already wears, is it understated or a little more flamboyant?

If you really don’t have a clue and feel it would be too obvious to check out a few shop windows whilst on a romantic getaway, perhaps enlist the help of one of her trusted friends or family members to help guide you. And if you don’t want to do that? We can help! We help a lot of our clients find the perfect ring and we are pretty much experts when it comes to sussing out what sort of person your girlfriend is and therefore what sort of ring she might like. Just drop us an email: info@theoneromance.com

Plan a romantic proposal

Aref & Melissa - The proposal (10)

So you’ve a good idea she’ll say yes, you’ve asked her Dad for permission and you’ve found the perfect engagement ring. Now you need to plan an awesome proposal.

Again, this takes a bit of thought. How elaborate do you want it to be? Will you ask her in a public place, or do you want it to be private. Think about what makes your soon-to-be wife happy, is she a sucker for a bit of romance… then go all out!

Tell her what she means to you

Before you say those magical words ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Take the time to tell her what she means to you. How much she’s changed your life, and that you can’t… don’t want to live without her.

You’ll obviously have your own shared experiences to inspire you, so tell her how happy she makes you feel and how you love it when she does x, y or z…

So there you have it, 5 things you need to do before you propose!

If you’re planning on proposing and would like us to come up with a super romantic, fun or creative marriage proposal idea, tailored individually to you as a couple, get in touch – we can’t wait  to hear from you.

Lots of Love,

Sonia XxX

images  credits: anna k photography via how he proposed

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