"A 6ft Engagement ring" Prague Proposal – Ally and Karl

Karl contacted us after seeing one of the past proposals we have arranged in Prague. He was visiting the city wth his girlfriend Ally, but being from Singapore, had no idea where and how to propose in a place that he didn’t know!

As always we had a long Skype call with Karl and that was when he told us the wonderful story that Ally always joked about wanting an engagement ring that was bigger than her! That is when inspiration hit – why not create a 6 ft tall engagement ring especially for her  Prague proposal.

We spend 2 weeks making a custom made 6ft tall engagement ring especially for the Prague  proposal and flew it ver to Prague with us in time for Karl and Ally’s proposal (Yes, we got odd looks on the plane!)

Here’s what happened at our Prague Proposal:

Ally and Karl went for a walk along the gorgeous Charles bridge when they were approached by a stranger (aka, our Proposal Planner Iva!) who asked if they were tourists. When they explained they were from singapore she told them about a tradition in Prague where you go totes padlock bridge , attach a padlock to it and then make a wish as you throw the key in the water.Prague proposalPrague proposal Prague proposal

Ally there the key, and closed her eyes. When she opened it, our huge 6ft engagement ring was right infant off her and a professional singer was singing her and Karl’s favourite song! Karl dropped to one knee and asked Ally to be his wife (and everyone cried – lots! Happy tears of course!)

Prague proposal

Prague proposalPrague proposal

Ally was then presented with a huge bunch of long stemmed roses and the  couple celebrated with champagne.  She also laughter alongside Karl at the romantic love heart we had created that said ‘Will you be buy CEO.” (Karl said that Ally liked being in charge so he thought this was a sweet and funny way to pop the question!) They then had a wonderful photoshoot all around Prague (with their engagement ring in tow!)Prague proposalPrague proposal      Prague proposal Prague proposal    Prague proposal  Prague proposal   Prague proposal

You can watch Ally and Karl’s amazing  Prague proposal video below:

Karl said:

“I never imagined that I would be able to propose in such a unique and romanic way. Thank you so much for everything you did. You made the proposal go seamlessly and I can’t thank you enough. Your professionalism,  being there on the end of the phone when I needed you, and your wonderfully creative ideas made my proposal the best ever. Thank you!”

If you would like to plan a Prague Proposal then please drop us an email on info!theoneromance.com We plan proposals all over Europe so we can help you propose in whatever destination you like!

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