A Romantic "Acrobatic" unique Marriage Proposal

Creating a unique and romantic marriage proposal idea is what we are good at which is why when Anthony contacted us needing help proposing to his girlfriend Stephanie we knew we had to come up with a proposal that had never been done before.

Below some of the stunning proposal photos to show you what happened on the day, or if you prefer you can watch their incredibly romantic proposal video

Stephanie and friends were spending the day shopping when random strangers started handing Stephanie long stemmed red roses….
She then passed a busker who was singing one of her favourite songs....
She then passed a busker who was singing one of her favourite songs….
But it was no ordinary song. It was all about marriage and he even sung Stephanie’s name… her reaction is brilliant!
Suddenly acrobats appeared and started performing in front of them. The acrobats held up signs, all which had Stephanie and Anthony’s “Firsts” on them
All of the signs were relevant to special moments they had shared together
The acrobats performed in front of Stephanie whilst a huge crowd gathered to watch
This proposal attracted a lot of attention
Stephanie then spotted Anthony coming out of the crowd…


He was holding the final sign. It had today's date on it and said "The first time I asked you something important"
He was holding the final sign. It had today’s date on it and said “The first time I asked you something important”


DSC_5254 DSC_5259-2 DSC_5261 DSC_5267

If you are thinking of proposing and would like to propose in a unique way, then please email us at info@theoneromance.com We never arrange the same proposal twice  so you can rest assured that your proposal will be completely unique to you.

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