A Tiffany and Co Proposal in Paris

Paris is possibly one of the most romantic places in the world to propose which is why, when Vladimir contacted us to arrange his Proposal in Paris, we jumped with joy! A Proposal in Paris oozes glamour and sophistication, and with it being just a few hours away on the Eurostar it is swiftly becoming one of our favourite places to plan proposals.

A Romantic Proposal in Paris with a Tiffany and Co theme

One of the first things Vladimir told us when he got in touch, was that he was proposing with a Tiffany and Co ring, so we knew we had an incredible proposal theme in the making!

File 11-08-2015 12 41 04

Vladimir was flying all the way from Australia to Paris in order to pull of his proposal in Paris so we had our work cut out for us as we negotiated time differences (to have those all important proposal planning skype calls!)  After weeks of planning, we came up with the ultimate Paris Proposal idea.

Photo 23-07-2015 20 09 18

Whilst Vladimir was on his flight over to Paris, our Proposal Planner Tiffany (Yup, she’s actually called Tiffany!) was whizzing through the British and French countryside on the Eurostar with a bag packed full of Tiffany and co themed props. We had made 100 Mini Tiffany and co boxes, all of which were filled with famous quotes from romantic films (including – of course- Breakfast at Tiffanys!)

Proposal in Paris ideas

Whilst Tiffany snuck into Vladmir’s hotel room to decorate it, Vladimir was arriving at the exclusive restaurant we had booked for him (it’s so exclusive that its waiting list is booked up months in advance -luckily we pulled some ties and managed to get him the best table in the restaurant!)

Photo 23-07-2015 20 21 48 Photo 23-07-2015 20 21 51

As Vladimir and the love of his life had dinner, Tiffany was hard at work transforming their hotel room into something spectacular. Boxes throughout the room were filled with romantic gifts…

Photo 23-07-2015 20 22 07

We had gorgeous love notes form Vladimir all over the room which were made to look like the iconic Tiffany and Co boxes.

Photo 23-07-2015 20 23 11

We filled the entire room with  4000 candles and hundreds of strings of fairy lights so as to make it look like the romantic scene that Vladimir had been dreaming about for months.

Once the room was decorated and looking beautiful, Tiffany headed to the restaurant to present a very special pudding.

romantic proposal cake

One of the things we learnt about Vladimir whilst planning his proposal was that he is a bit of a joker. We decided that when he ordered desert the waiter would instead bring a bring a huge white box and put it down in front of him. As he opeend the box he saw a cake (in the Tiffany blue of course) with some french words written on the top. He asked his gorgeous lady what she thought it meant, before reaching into his pocket and saying ” Actually…I think I know.”

Proposal in Paris

The wording on the cake was, of course, “Will you marry me?”

DSCF4794 DSCF4801 DSCF4802

After the magical proposal, the couple headed back to the Le Meurice hotel  where their “Tiffany and Co” themed room awaited.

Vladimir said:

“Guys…I couldn’t have done this without you. You pulled off something extraordinary – something I could have never done by myself. The room looked so incredible that we didn’t want to change it back. We’ve now decided we want a TIffany and Co themed wedding – you do plan weddings don’t you?”

Well Vladimir, we’ll keep you posted 😉

If you would need to plan a romantic proposal in Paris, or need some romantic Paris proposal ideas, then we can certainly help. We have now planned a lot of Paris Proposals so know the city incredibly well. And the best bit? We have a 100% SHE SAID YES success rate… drop us an email info@theoneromance.com

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