How do I find out her ring size

find out her ring size

One of the questions we ALWAYS get asked when a guy is about to propose is, ‘how do I find out her ring size?‘ It’s a tough one, we will give you that. If you are going to find out her ring size, then you need to turn into a bit of a detective! Sure, you could just ask her friends and family, but where is the fun in that? If you want to find out her ring size in a unique (and quite frankly, pretty cool way!) then our Founder and Romance Expert Tiffany Wright, can help.

find out her ring size
How to find out her ring size

Tiffany has put together a fun video with three top tips for dinging out her ring size – they include soap, a piece of string and a biro (we kid you not!)

So watch the video below for great advice on how to find out her ring size, and if you enjoy it then please subscribe to Tiffany’s Youtube channel. Every Friday she will be uploading a new video all about proposals, weddings, life and romance!


If you are thinking of proposing and need some help planning your proposal, then please drop us an email. We have planned hundreds of beautifully stunning proposals and are experts when it comes to planning  proposal that is as unique and individual as you are.

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