How To Get Him To Propose

So you know your man is the one and you’re keen to take things to the next level but perhaps he needs a little nudge in the right direction. Well, follow our advice and you never know, Mr Right might just be getting down on one knee this Christmas!

1. Be Open About Your Future

Although daunting, an important first step is to face the ‘what happens next’ conversation and ascertain how you envisage your future together just to ensure you are both on the same page. And in the highly unlikely event that the worst happens i.e. he confesses to having no interest in marrying you, at least you have piece of mind now rather than wasting many a man hour struggling to convince him to pop the question!

unique london proposal ideas

2. Don’t Scare The Guy Off

When talking about the future, keep conversations about your lavish fairy-tale wedding to an absolute minimum. Harping on about that dream designer dress, those towering ice sculptures and the Pinterest boards you’ve been building on the sly for the last however many years will only send him running for the hills! Instead…

3. Drop A Few Hints On Your Ideal Ring

For many a man, the prospect of shopping for that all-important engagement ring instills both dread and fear. What if he gets it horribly wrong and ends up in the dog house?! Since him purchasing said ring directly impacts when the proposal is likely to take place, you can swoop in and allay all his fears by dropping the odd subtle hint on the style of ring that might take your fancy. Maybe just leave the ‘price tag’ chat to one side for now!

The Ring!

4. Be Patient

In spite of your desperation to get hitched and your frustration that it still has not happened yet, bear in mind that a man popping the question under pressure is most likely to be a man that legs it on the day. Respect that men too have aspirations about settling down with ‘the one’, but they largely need to feel in control of that idea in order for it to actually happen.

5. Remember To Have Fun!

What’s the best way to convince your man that you’re marriage material and get him rushing down on one knee? Easy. It’s to leave the Bridezilla antics well alone and just be the fun-filled, happy-go-lucky girl that he fell in love with.

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