How to tell if he is going to propose

You’ve been with your other half for a while now and all you can think about is if he is going to pop the question. So, how to tell if he is going to propose?? It’s impossible right? Wrong….

how to tell if he is going to propose

Believe it or not there are lots of little signs he is going to propose that most women miss. Cooking you Stir0fry and flirting with you best mate? Yup, these are two things that suggest he is going to propose….and pronto.

Don’t believe us? Check out our Founder Tiffany in her video below as she give you a lowdown on the signs you should be looking our for!

So, what do you think now? Isyour man giving off signs he might be about to propose? If he is, SEND HIM OUR WAY and we can help him plan the most beautiful proposal for the two of you.

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