What it feels like to be proposed to (when your man uses a Proposal Planner)

A couple of months ago, we helped Andrew arrange a romantic London Marriage proposal  to his gorgeous girlfriend Amanda. A few months later, Amanda (who loved the proposal and what The One Romance does so much!) started worked for us as our  Blogger and American Proposal Expert! So who better to tell you what it’s like to be proposed to? Form the raw emotion and excitement, to realise just how much effort Andrew had put into making her proposal as special as possible!

Here’s Amanda’s story:

“I’m back in a country I love (London), and I’m  glowing because I’ve finally get to show my boyfriend around the city I’ve studied abroad in. We wander around the city; hands intertwined the whole day. It’s been a perfect day. We get back to our hotel room and I  start pulling myself together. Andrew, my boyfirend has planned a tour at theatre and I  cannot wait.

12227684_10208233600537508_3732418862774948492_n (1)
One of my favourite cities – and the place Andrew asked me to be his wife.

Once we arrive, I  sit down in a wooden chair and begin to watch a rehearsal for a play I’ve loved ever since middle school: Romeo and Juliet.. Except now, many years later, watching the scene unfold I  now know what true love looks and feels like. As the scene comes to an end I  turn around and hear the most beautiful music. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a gospel choir enters and as they start singing, I  realize they’re not singing to the camera, they’re singing to me.

Love Lane…the start f our incredible journey together
1509775_10206142627944500_4169694755972354218_n (1)
Love with my love

Flashback to two years ago returning from a first date and meeting my mother in the kitchen. She’s cleaning the dishes and asks how my date went. “It was fun,” I said. “The chemistry was palpable,” I  joke and say, “I think I’m going to marry him.” He was charming and funny, but I have a hard time letting anyone in. I’m  shy and afraid that my insecurities are the reasons for why my relationships in the past have failed.

My soulmate, Andrew

A year later I’m sitting on the sofa with that same guy. During a commercial break I figure this would be a great time to hint at the kind of ring I’ve dreamed of being proposed with my entire life.
Back to the music and the theatre in London: Suddenly my dream guy comes back from “the bathroom” and he pulls me into the centre of the room; the actors, the singers, the quartet…suddenly it all becomes clear. This was orchestrated just for me.

London Marriage Proposal
The moment I realised this was something much more special than just a theatre production

Andrew pulls out the ring I had always hoped for but never imagined would be sparkling in front of me as he’s down on one knee. I  got the words out enough to breathe out an excited, “Yes!”

My head is spinning. I realize what has just happened. The moment I’ve  whispered and laughed about to my sister has just happened and it’s so much better than I could’ve possibly imagined.

London Marriage proposal ideas
The ring I had been dreaming about for my entire life

I  realize I’m talking into the camera that has captured my proposal but have barely understood the questions. I  watch the man by my side gracefully talk about how he planned this entire proposal and the room stops spinning. Every date, every stupid little argument, every milestone the two of us have experienced in the past two and a half years has all led to this moment.

The person I love most in the whole world has just pledged to be with me for the rest of their lives. I look at your left hand and realize my forever has just begun.

London Marriage Proposal and London Proposal Planners
Here’s “My fiancée” and me with The One Romance Team, Amanda (left) and Tiffany (right.)

You can watch Amanda and Andrew’s beautiful London Marriage proposal below.

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