Meet The One Girls


So, those two posers in the photo above are Tiffany and Amanda: Aka “The One Girls.” (Yes that photo was taken in the 80’s and yes, they do have some questionable fashion sense!) Today we get to meet them properly and find out exactly what it is about these two sisters that make them qualified to be your Romance Planners…..

Q.  You’re sisters – how would you describe each other?

Amanda: Tiffany is so creative! She’s the one who will come up with these never been done before ideas that just continue to amaze me. IF she’s creating  a flashmob proposal it wont just be any old Flashmob – it will have all these incredible personalised touches that just make it even more romantic than you thought possible.

She’s also a complete drama queen. But I love her for it!

Tiffany: Amanda’s the most organised person I know. If there’s a spread sheet to be filled in, or a timetable to be drawn up, she will be doing it! She also the person I’ve always looked up to in terms of relationships and being happy. She met her husband when they were just 14 and have been together ever since. Now THAT’S romance for you……

The One Girls with their gorgeous mummy Bubbles!
The One Girls with their gorgeous mummy Bubbles!

What makes you both qualified to be Romance Planners?

Tiffany: I’ve arranged over 200 marriage proposals and was lucky enough to get my own TV series on SKY where I was followed around as I helped people propose. It was madness (but very exciting too!)  I’m now classed as a ‘romance expert’ by the press and regularly get asked to talk about all things ‘romance’ in newspapers, on radio and TV. And (God should I admit this?) I tend to spend an hour a day sobbing emotionally over youtube videos which feature proposals or anything romantic (have you seen the McFly Groom’s speech? If not, google it NOW. I swear it will make you sob!)

Amanda: I’ve worked as a producer before so am a dab hand at making things look stunning and beautiful. Which is why if you use us, you know your proposal/date/anniversary scene will look just gorgeous! I’ve also worked with Pippa Middleton, Twiggy and Lisa Snowdon so am used to fulfilling ‘luxury’ briefs. My main aim when creating something romantic is to make sure everything goes without a hitch  – so you can just relax and enjoy the moment.



What’s it like working with your sister?

Tiffany: She’s the best business partner I have ever had. We just “get” each other which is great.

Amanda: We both have completely different skills that complement each other. Tiffany is the creative one (She comes up with all of the romantic ideas!) and I’m the organised one who puts it all together. We are a dream team!

How did your husbands propose?

Amanda: We’d been together for 12 years and I honestly never thought it was going to happen.  He took me to Florence for the weekend and I was very grumpy one morning when he refused to have breakfast with me (little did I know it was because he was so nervous!) So I stormed off downstairs to have a chocolate croissant by myself and when I returned he was down on one knee.

Tiffany: Patrick and I met in Verbier, Switzerland and 4 years later he took me back and proposed on the side of the mountain, looking out over the views. It was hysterical when he gave me the ring because he was so paranoid that I was going to drop it and lose it in the snow!

What’s the most favourite romantic experience you have arranged so far?

Tiffany: I was lucky enough to be flown out to Sydney Australia to help one guy propose. We arranged for a surprise helicopter to appear and take them up the gold coast where a golf buggy was waiting to take them down to a private beach. I had helped set up an amazing picnic for the couple and he proposed just as 60 dolphins appeared in the sea (I wish I could take credit for that but it was just a  coincidence!)

I also loved The Nutcracker ballet proposal

Amanda: I loved the First Date we arranged. We hired out a private island for the guy and had lot of personalised surprises for Bella along the way. which included Gary Barlow (!), Burlesque dancers, deep sea fishing, a Bentley, A speedboat and a sushi class! I’ve hinted to Matt, my husband, that he might like to do something similar for me one day!


If you would like The One Girls to plan an amazing romantic experience for you then please get in touch. They arrange marriage proposals, dates and can even help with Groom’s speeches! Email

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