How to plan a public proposal on Valentines day

Are you stressing about your proposal on Valentines day? If you are thinking of proposing on Valentines day then you need to make sure it’s special. After all, your proposing on the most romantic day of the year! So why not make your proposal on Valentine’s Day as fabulous as possible by popping the question in public? Your proposal will certainly have the WOW factor if you propose in front of a crowd of onlookers.

Your proposal on Valentine’s Day

Proposing on Valentines  Day needn’t be stressful, So here’s how to plan a public proposal on Valentine’s Day!

1. Choose a favourite place to propose – Before you plan how you are going to propose on Valentines day, think about where you want to propose. A proposal spot that will have a romantic impact could be somewhere where the two of you have memories together. Perhaps you could propose in the park where you had your first kiss, or the beach  where you first said I Love You. If you have travelled a lot together why not book a mini holiday and then propose at a famous tourist attraction like the London Eye (A bit like this fabulous proposal we planned recently!)

2. Have a choir turn up

If you’re going to propose on Valentines Day in public you might as well do it in style! Hiring a full on choir will certainly make sure your propose has impact (and it’s incredibly romantic too!) How do we know? Because we planed this fabulous proposal for our TV show which included a 100 person choir!

3. Propose at her favourite theatre performance (or make a theatre performance of your own) 

If your girlfriend is obsessed with the theatre then why not give her a Valentine’s Day proposal she will never forget. Take her to her favourite theatre production and we can arrange for the actors on stage to propose for you! Or, if you prefer we can hire out a theatre for your proposal and create a show especially for your girlfriend which can end in your proposal!

4.Arrange a proposal with a caricaturist

Imagine walking around London and spotting a caricaturist who asks if you want a fun picture drawn of the two of you. Little does she know, that this is actually going to result in your marriage proposal (just like the photo below!)

6. Send them on a treasure hunt

A proposal on Valentines Day can become even more romantic if you arrange a personalised treasure hunt. One clue can lead her to the next until she eventually turns up at the place of your proposal. Then it’s up to you to get down on on knee. Watch this ‘selfie treasure hunt’ proposal that we planned a couple of months ago for inspiration!

5. Arrange a proposal with a magician

What could be more magical than a proposal on Valentines day that starts with a magic trick? Either hire your own magician, or learn a special trick yourself before surprising her and revealing the ring!

6. Hire  a marching band

If you want your proposal to really shock (in a nice way of course!) then why not hire a marching band. Our Proposal Planner Tiffany helped  plan this amazing marching band proposal and it was so good it was even featured on her TV show!

7. Create a message in flames

Declaring your love to her in flames, is possibly one of the most romantic ways to propose on Valentines Day. Watch the proposal we planned below and you’ll see just how romantic it can be!

If you are planning a wedding proposal on Valentines Day and really want to make an amazing impact, then drop us an email and we will help you plan something completely spectacular. And don’t worry – we are experts at planning last minute proposals!

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