A Blindfold Marriage Proposal on the London Eye

We recently helped plan an incredibly unique proposal on The London Eye. In fact, it was so unique that it had never been done before and was the first proposal it’s kind to EVER take place on the London Eye!

You can watch the video of our Proposal on the London Eye below (and don’t forget to scroll down for the photos too!)

Incredibly romantic Proposal on the London Eye

Mehmet knew he wanted to propose in London at this iconic attraction but he wanted something really different and romantic. We suggest a magical proposal on the London Eye which included decorating an entire private capsule…all whilst Mehmet and his girlfriend were blindfolded!

So how did it work? When Mehmet and Zerin got onto the London eye, our Proposal Planner Sonia approached them and told them they had won a romantic surprise. What did they have to do? Put on the blindfolds and wait to see what unfolds…

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london eye proposal

Of course, Mehmet was completely in on the plan and knew EXACTLY what was going on, but he put on some great acting skills and convinced Zerin he was in as much of the dark as she was!

london eye proposal


Whilst the two of them sat and waiting, our Proposal Experts set about decorating the capsule! Two of the other ‘tourists’ in the pod (who were in fact our Videographer and Photographer) starting filming and shooting the moment so that the memories could be captured forever.

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proposal on the london eye

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proposal on the london eye

We decorate the capsule with hundreds of candles and fairy lights, and personalised it by having bunting with the couples photos on. We also had a beautiful handmade ‘marry me’ sign which we set up in the capsule so that Zerin would see it as soon as she took off her blindfold!

When we had finished, Mehmet led a blindfolded Zerin to the centre of the capsule for the ultimate marriage proposal on the London Eye.

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proposal on the london eye

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proposal on the london eye

Erin, of course, said YES!

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proposal on the london eye

london eye proposal

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proposal on the london eye

Mehmet and Zerin was one of the loveliest couples we have dealt with and it was our complete pleasure to arrange a proposal on the London Eye for them both.


If you would like to propose on the London eye, or arrange a London Eye themed proposal (or date!) then please get in touch. We have now arranged numerous unique and romantic proposals on the London Eye and would be thrilled to help plan your marriage proposal too! Just drop us an email on info@theone romance.

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