The Do's and Don'ts of proposing at Christmas

If you are thinking of proposing at Christmas then stop – and listen. Sure, Christmas (and Christmas Eve especially) is one of the most popular times to propose, but before you pop the question with a Christmas Proposal, make sure you are going to do it properly.

Here’s our Top Do’s and Don’t of Proposing at Christmas.

Do propose originally. As you’re proposing at Christmas it’s easy to presume that an engagement ring under the Christmas tree (disguised as a Christmas present) is THE way to propose. Wrong. Make it more original! Why not spend the evening decorating your Christmas tree together. As you hand her some of the baubles she will notice there are little messages attached (from you to her.) The final bauble has the words ‘marry me’ on it.

Aref & Melissa - The proposal (25)

Do have a photographer hidden in the snow (Well, it’s Christmas right?!) Capturing that special moment is so important when you are proposing, As you get down on one knee, your emotions will be going into overdrive and all you will focus on is getting your words out and hearing her say “Yes.” She, on the other hand, will probably be overwhelmed with the fact you are proposing that she unlikely to be unaware of everything else that is going on around her. So GET A PHOTOGRAPHER. That way, once you are engaged, you can reminisce together whilst looking over your proposal photos.

Do celebrate with family and friends afterwards. It’s Christmas after all, so partying is in the blood and what better excuse to celebrate than a Christmas proposal? Celebrating with those closest to you also means you can re live the proposal moment over and over again as you tell all of your friends how fabulous it was – and that’s sere to put a smile on your face for the rest of the Christmas period.

Don’t propose outside (unless you are prepared!) Christmas often brings cold weather, so if you are thinking about proposing in the snow, then think ahead. The last thing you want is for your fiance-to-be to be freezing her toes off as you ask her to be your wife. So, pack a scarf and gloves – not only does it prove you’re prepared, but it it shows you’ve also thought about her and how she might feel – which is the ultimate expression of Love.

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Don’t complicate things. Stressing over whether the Holiday Sing-O-Gram will sing the right song or the horse drawn carriage will turn up at time, is something you shouldn’t have to worry about, Which is where we come along. IF you hire The One Romance to help plan your Christmas proposal, we will make sure all the stress is taken away from you. We will plan every little detail so you can just sit back and relax. …and bask in the “YES.”

Thinking of proposing this Christmas? Drop us an email on and we can help you plan a romantic and memorable proposal that will leave your partner speechless.

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