Romantic London Proposal at Big Ben

The Proposal: Romantic London Proposal at Big Ben

London Proposal ideas

The Couple: Matan and Natali

Proposal Location:  London Proposal

Romantic Proposal Idea: Proposing with Big Ben as a backdrop couldn’t get more romantic than this! Matan contacted us a couple of weeks ago to plan a beautiful proposal to his girlfriend whilst they were both on holiday in London.Matan really wanted his proposal to come as a complete shock, so we decided that it would start with a typical ‘tourist’ the walk along London’s Southbank….with a fabulous surprise at the end!

How he asked: On the day of his London Proposal Matan and Natali went for a walk along the Southbank, just as the sun started setting.

Romantic London Proposal

As they walked they stumbled across a ‘busker’ (who was actually one of our professional singers in disguise) who started to sing Natali’s favourite song from the film Twilight ” A Thousand Years.”

Romantic London Proposal

As Matan and Natai stopped to watch, another singer joined them, handed Natali some beautiful flowers and began singing too!

Romantic London Proposal

At this point, Natali apparently just thought it was a ‘street performance’ but little did she know it was all about to be about her.

Romantic London Proposal

Romantic London Proposal

As the song neared the end, she turned around to see Matan on one knee, asking her to be his wife!

Romantic London Proposal Romantic London Proposal Romantic London Proposal

Natali was so overwhelmed with emotion that she burst into tears and the couple couldn’t stop hugging, kissing and laughing! She, of course, said YES!

Romantic London Proposal Romantic London Proposal Romantic London Proposal Romantic London Proposal

Matan said: Thank you so much for what was the most beautiful proposal I could ever have imagined. Natali was comply blown away and we both couldn’t be happier. I couldn’t have done it without you -thank you to The One Romance team!”

You can watch Matan’s and Natali’s full proposal video here:


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