Proposing on the London Eye – Danny and Katie

If you are thinking about proposing in London, chances are you have considered proposing on the London Eye. Proposing on the London Eye ticks every box when it comes to a romantic marriage proposal. Views over London? Tick. An iconic London Location? Tick.

When Danny got in touch with us and explained he was considering proposing on the London Eye, we were very quick to make sure that his proposal was as unique as possible. After all, thousand son people end up proposing on the London Eye every year, and we were adamant that Danny’s proposal was going to be completely different and unique.

Watch his gorgeous proposal video below to see what happened:

Danny and Katy were visiting London from China and  and Danny had planned a day of touristy activities in order to fool Katy into the fact this was just a normal holiday to London. The final stop on their itinerary was The London Eye.

proposing on the London Eye

As they barded their capsule, Katy pressured that all of the other people on the London Eye were fellow tourists – she had no idea that they were all hired by us to take part in the proposal on the London Eye!

Screenshot 2016-07-26 17.17.14
We disguised our professional singers as tourists so that Katy would have no idea what was about to happen. After breaking into song they revealed t shirts that said ‘will you marry me?’
proposing on the London Eye
Katy was completely shocked as the singers started singer her favourite song
proposing on the London Eye
Danny reaches for the ring in his pocket
proposing on the London Eye
And gets down on one knee….
proposing on the London Eye
proposing on the London Eye
Our singers in action!

As the capsule neared the top the London Eye, one by one, the ‘tourists’ started to sing! But it wasn’t just any song – it was Katy’s favourite song from when Danny and her first met.

As the song neared the end the singer turned around and removed their coats, to reveal t shirts spelling out ‘will you marry me.’ It was at this point that Danny got down on one knee and asked Katy to be his wife.

Proposing on the London Eye can certainly be romantic, and if you are anything like Katy, you can see it can be pretty emotional too. Katy was completely overwhelmed with the whole experience and our spies tell us she couldn’t stop crying happy tears afterwards!

Congratulations Danny and Katy – wishing you all the best for you upcoming wedding!

If you would like to propose on the London Eye or are thinking of proposing in London, then please get in touch as we would love to help you plan your proposal. We are expert Proposal Planners based in London and we are also The London Eye’s official Proposal Planners, so you will be in safe hands if you want to propose on the London Eye. Drop us an email at

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