Romantic Proposal at the Mondrian Hotel, London

Do you have a special date that you and your partner will always celebrate? Maybe your first date or first kiss? For our client Adam, the 4th October 2015 was the first time he met Sana. On the same date two years later, Adam wanted to propose to Sana, the girl that had changed his life forever and asked our team to help! We were thrilled to be a part of this incredibly thoughtful and romantic proposal and couldn’t wait to get started!

We found the perfect location which was a private dining room and terrace in Central London that we booked exclusively for the couple for the evening.

Our Proposal Planners transformed it into an intimate space filled with framed photos of the couple, rose petals and candles. Outside on the terrace, a sparkly tree was covered with fairy lights and glass baubles that each contained a love note from Adam to Sana.

As the couple arrived and were taken through to the private area, Sana was so surprised; we think our secret photographer captured the moment perfectly!

Adam led her outside to the tree where they began to read the little messages within the baubles. Below are a few of them:

~ Sunday 4th October is the day I met the girl who will change my life ~

~ I want to see the world with you ~

~ I can’t wait to marry my best friend ~

~ I love you to the moon and back ~

~ You have the most beautiful heart ~

Once they had read through them all, Adam proposed by the tree and Sana said yes! The newly-engaged couple were then treated to a delicious candle-lit meal in their private dining area surrounded by photos of the two of them throughout their relationship.

We absolutely loved putting together this thoughtful proposal and wish Adam and Sana a lifetime of happiness together! We were thrilled that we could make Adam’s dream come true of the perfect proposal and he even Adam sent us this lovely message the next day!

“Can I thank you and all your team for the wonderful effort and beautiful proposal event you put on.

It was a truly breath-taking evening and I cannot describe how elegant and pretty it was.

Sana was absolutely stunned and this will forever be part of our lives.

I want to thank you so much for everything.”

If you’ve been inspired to propose to your other half, we would love to help you create the perfect moment! Get in touch with our team and we’ll be sure to come up with something unique and memorable just for you! We also work throughout Europe so make sure to take a look at our proposals in Prague, Czech Republic, Positano, Italy and Mallorca, Spain!

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