Romantic ways to propose in London

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Do you want to propose in London but just don’t know where to start? Proposing in London can be daunting – especially if you don’t know the city very well. Sure, you might think about dropping to one knee in front of Big Ben, or arranging a ride to propose in the London eye, but how do you make your London Proposal idea more unique and special?

5 Romantic Ways to Propose in London

Propose in London with these unique ways of turning  a boring London proposal into something  a LOT more special

A London Eye Marriage proposal idea

proposing on the London Eye

A boring London Proposal idea: Going up in the London Eye and dropping on one knee at the top

The Ultimate way to Propose in London on the London Eye: You walk into a London Eye pod with all of the other ‘tourists’ who are keen to see the sights of London. Little does your other half know, these tourists are actually a flashmob of singers, hired by you to make the proposal moment even more spectacular. As you near the top of the London Eye, your singers start to serenade you and then reveal a huge WILL YOU MARRY ME sign. Wow. Now that’s how to propose in London!

A Royal Family Proposal Idea

unique london proposal ideas

A boring Royal Proposal idea: You head to Buckingham Palace and (if you can find a quiet spot due to all the crowds!) you ask her to be your wife. Sure, there’s a Palace in the background and the Queen might be near but this idea is a bit……bleugh.

The Ultimate way to propose in London with the Royal Family: Check out this amazing proposal that Tiffany (our London Proposal Planner) arranged. Royal Family? Tick. A famous London park? Tick? A very British tradition? Tick


A Big Ben Marriage Proposal Idea


A Boring London Proposal idea: You head over to the iconic Big Ben and plan to propose with the fabulous view of Westminster in the background. Nice, but not special enough

The Ultimate way to Propose in London with Big Ben: You head into London for the day and tell your other half you have registered yourself as a couple for a couples treasure hunt. The treasure hunt will take you all around London, to the most iconic London tourist spots,  and the clues can even be subtly personalised to you! For example, if you had your first kiss in a Starbucks coffee shop, then one of the clues could say “the place where lovers kiss” and it would take you to Piccadilly circus to the Starbucks by the statue of Eros! Your clues eventually lead you to the infamous Big Ben where the final challenge is to get a stranger to take a photo of you both with Big Ben in the background. As they snap away, your partner has no idea that behind them, The One Romance team and revealing a huge WILL YOU MARRY ME sign. Now, that;s one tourist photo that no one else has!

A Tour of London/Sightseeing Proposal idea

The Proposers

A boring London Proposal idea: A tour of London where you pop the question at the end

The ultimate way to propose during a tour of London: Why not hire out your own London Bus? It’s not as expensive as you may think! We will fill it with other ‘tourist’ and you set of on what your partner thinks is an average London tour, But as the tour guide starts to tell you about London, she starts to include little romantic details about your relationship. Suddenly your partner realises this tour is actually all about them!

You can watch an amazing London Bus Proposal, planned by our Proposal Planner Tiffany

Now we’ve inundated you with some amazing proposal ideas, you just need help planning them! As Expert London Proposal Planners, we know the city like the back of our hand. We know all of the most romantic spots in and around London that will make your proposal just…gorgeous! And, we’re pretty good at coming up with Unique London Proposal ideas. So come on…drop us an email We can plan London’s proposals with just days notice.


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