This stylish proposal idea will make it absolutely impossible for your girl to say no!

The pressure is on. You’ve the most amazing and romantic wedding proposal idea up your sleeve – one that you just know will have your beloved seriously weeping those happy tears of joy… and you have the engagement ring to match.

But do you want to know how to up your game?

It’s easy, and far simpler than you may think. Present her with one of these…

french velvet, vintage ring boxes by The Mrs Box

Picture the scene. Your proposal plan has gone off without a hitch and you are down on bended knee, poised to utter those beautiful words: “will you marry me?”

And then you open this stunning heirloom – a vintage, french velvet engagement ring box that you picked out in her all-time favourite colour. She’ll be blown away.

bright pink engagement ring box from the mrs box

Mark my words, present her with one of these, limited edition, The Mrs Box engagement ring boxes and she’ll think she’s marrying the most stylish man on the planet.

Here at The One Romance, when we plan amazing romantic proposals, we ALWAYS tailor them to the couple, which is why we LOVE these engagement ring boxes. Not only are you thinking about something not many men actually think about (the ring box) but you can also personalise it by having it in her favorite colour! Now, that’s what we call thoughtful!

You’re welcome!

the mrs ring box collection - watercolour

They come in a dizzying array of pretty colours, and you can even get hers monogrammed in a decorative gold script font, so it’ll always be an heirloom that she’ll treasure – almost as much as your perfect proposal.

Lots of Love,

Sonia XxX

p,s If you are thinking of proposing, and need a unique and romantic proposal idea then please do get in touch. Here at The One Romance, we have planned hundreds of beautiful proposals – each one personalised to the couple – and we have a 100% YES success rate. So what are you waiting for? 🙂

image credits: Jose Villa via The Mrs Box

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