Was your Proposal AWESOME? Here's how to exploit it..

As London’s best Proposal Planners, we are used to arranging awesome proposals that clients then want to sing about from the rooftops. Lots of our proposal ideas end up on youtube and a lot of them become viral marriage proposals – with some of them getting thousands upon thousands of hits.

Cinema Flashmob Proposal

So what happens if you planned an AWESOME proposal and your marriage proposal to go viral?

Here are some genius ways to show the world how fabulous your proposal was!

Make your proposal go viral Youtube

It’s an obvious one, but if you have filmed your proposal then get it up on youtube straight away. As Proposal Planners we always encourage our clients to film their proposals. Why? Its a great memory and we can assure you, at the time, when you are on one knee, you’ll probably be so nervous that you won’t be paying attention to all those little details. What did you say when you proposed? How did your partner react? What did it look like when you were on one knee? Filming your proposal means you have an ever lasting memory – you could even play the proposal video on your wedding day! So, if you have a proposal video, once you’ve shown your family and friends, why not then share it with the world? Check out these amazing proposals our team arranged that have gone viral.


Tweet it

Tweet all about it! Twitter is now the ultimate news feed….so if you have just popped the questions and want your proposal to go viral, then start tweeting! Everyone on twitter loves a good proposal story so post photos and videos of the proposal and tell the story along the way!

Submit to How He Asked

How he Asked is one of our favourite proposal sites. And the best bit? You can submit your proposal story so that it gets read by thousands! A  lot of our proposals have already been featured on how he asked, helping to make our proposals go viral!

Have a look at some of our viral proposals that are featured on How He Asked here!

Miseon and Henry: A Prague Proposal

Prague marriage proposal

Anthony and Stephanie: An Acrobatic Proposal


Geoff and Moniel: A Romantic Gay Proposal


A Viral Marriage Proposal:Get your proposals featured a magazine

If you have a good proposal story, charges are there will be a wedding magazine out there who would like to hear about it. Our Proposal Planner and Founder Tiffany used to work as an top notch journalist for magazines such as Elle and Marie-Claire so has a lot of contacts in the magazine industry. if you would like your proposal to get coverage in a magazine then get in touch and we can make it happen!

A Viral Marriage Proposal: Get your proposal on TV


Fancy proposing and getting your proposal on TV? Well now is the perfect time! We are currently filming for a new TV show and are looking for some fabulous people who want to propose to their other halves! Get in touch on info@theoneromance.com

Not sure if you want to be on TV? Have a look at Tiffany’s TV show where she arranged some fabulous proposals and see how the entire process works. You can watch the Proposal TV show here.


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