Who you should involve when planning your proposal

Planning a unique and romantic proposal can be quite a daunting prospect as the chances are you’ve never done it before! It’s also one of the most important questions you’ll ever ask someone – maybe even the most important! The One Romance are here to make your proposal the best event you’ll ever experience as our proposal planners ensure a stress-free and creative experience. One thing we always ascertain with our clients is who they want involved in the planning stages of the proposal and the moment itself. Here’s a list of a few people to consider including in your proposal planning…

1. Family

The Proposers - Boat Proposal
Getting engaged is one of the most memorable days of your life so it’s important to share this with your family, however it is up to you how you include them. The One Romance have included family members in a proposal many times before as this makes family members feel valued and included in the big moment. Family members may be involved by holding up “will you marry me?” signs or dressing up and watching in secret from the side-lines; there are many ways to ensure your loved ones are part of your big day should you wish to include them.

2. Friends

Proposal ideas with family
As with family members, involving friends in the proposal planning can be a useful idea and (sometimes) necessary. As many of our proposals require setting up a scene, it can be beneficial to have a friend or two whisk the bride-to-be away to have a manicure and get her hair done while the groom ensures all the details are in place for the proposal and those nerves are under control. Just make sure those friends who are trusted with your big secret can keep it to themselves!

3. The bride’s father

In order to carry out tradition many grooms choose to ask the bride’s father for permission to marry her. This is seen to be polite and courteous as it comes as less of a shock when the bride shares her news and it’s also a great way to gather ideas regarding your proposal if you’re stuck.

4. Children

Perhaps you have children together and want to include them in your special moment? This can lead to a great family occasion and can help children become accustomed to the idea of the start of new family life

5. Pets

Your furry companions have seen you through all of your toughest and most exciting times in life, so why not involve them in your proposal too? They’re sure to add a smile to your bride’s face and will produce some fantastic photos.

6. Photographer

It’s pretty much a guarantee that your bride will want this moment captured on film or photographed to treasure it forever. Here at The One Romance we ensure your proposal will be fully photographed and/or videoed should you choose these options as it provides you with a long-lasting memory of your special moment.

7. Proposal Planners

Tiffany and Amanda The Romance Planners

Last but not least, proposal planners! The One Romance are able to take away the stress of planning a proposal and ensure your bride experiences a proposal she won’t forget. We can help you with all the details such as choosing a ring, deciding where to propose and budgeting your proposal.

For more details regarding who to involve in your proposal planning or any other enquiries please email info@theoneromance.com

By Elizabeth Mainwaring

 Images courtesy of Clare Bale, Dem, Jo G

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