How to pick the perfect type of diamond for a certain type of girl


Every diamond is individual – so is every woman. How do you know which cut will suit her? Walk into a jewellers and you will be bombarded with the different styles of diamonds – pillow cut, tiffany cut, radiant, pear, oval, marquise, and heart – the list goes on and on. But there is a trick: Each shape of diamond suits a different type of personality. Read on to match the glitter with the girl.

The type of girl: Classic
Your girlfriend is the sort of woman who likes classical, timeless things. She doesn’t do over the top (forget modern bling or fancy designer clothes) and is happiest when looking chic and classy. She always looks smart without looking like she has spent hours in front of the mirror. In short, she’s the type of woman you didn’t have to worry about when introducing her to your parents!
The type of diamond: Round diamond

round diamond
Round diamonds have 58 facets, which makes light bounce up from the bottom of the diamond through to the top, making it sparkle more than any other diamond. It’s very classic in shape, but still has a certain wow factor without being too overwhelming. Probably a bit like your lady.

Type of girl: Stylish
She’s flirty and fun with lots of style. If your other half loves fashion and is passionate about being in the know when it comes to style, then the princess cut is for her.
The type of diamond: Princess Cut

prin cess cut
Created in the swinging 60’s, the princess cut was THE TRENDY ring to have. Recently it has had a revival and over the past few years is the choice of fashonistas and trend setters. Hey, if it’s good enough for Kevin Costner’s wife, it’s good enough for us.

Type of girl: Glamorous
I f your lady echoes the glamour of a Hollywood screen goddess then this is the stone for her.: Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly both wore emerald engagement rings. Different from a stereotypical diamond, the emerald should be worn by someone who can pull it off -a woman who has class, glamour and sex appeal.
The type of diamond: Emerald

Created in the art deco period, the emerald boasts long, glamorous lines. This shape’s large table (the flat part on top) shows off the rock’s clarity better than any other shape.

Type of girl: Vintage
Des your woman love anything vintage? Does she spend weekend locked away in vintage chops, or has a wardrobe full of flapper dresses and vintage shoes? If so, then the Asscher cut is a dead cert for her.

The type of diamond: Asscher

Nearly identical to the emerald cut, except that this stunning shape is square, the Asscher is striking and dramatic, evoking a very 1920s-1930s art deco feel. The Assher shape was popular through the 1930s and has recently come back into style with fashion’s current obsession with antique and vintage styles.

Type of girl: Romantic

If your lady is the sort of person who wallows in romance then the Cushion cut is the diamond for her as the cushion cuts hearken back to an era of romance and elegance. So, if she loves men in breeches, cries at soppy films and wants to be swept off her feet then this is the cut for her.

The type of diamond: Cushion cut

Also known as a pillow cut, cushions look like a rectangle with rounded corners and have larger facets to increase their brilliance. Over a century ago they were the most popular shape around, which adds a vintage feel to them. If you ca, go for three diamonds in a Cushion cut for a real wow factor.

Type of girl: Emotional
A bit like the romantic, an emotional woman is the type who will probably burst into tears (of joy hopefully) when you present her with a ring. She is a thoughtful type, who will look for a meaning behind everything and is likely to get emotional very easily.

The type of diamond: Heart

Presenting your lady with a heart shaped diamond is a very obvious symbol of love. The heart is the ultimate symbol of romance and sentimentality especially when presented in an engagement ring. Be warned though, heart shaped rings can often be seen as a novelty (think big fat Gypsy wedding style) so only opt for this shape if you are certain it is what she wants


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