Kensington Palace Gardens Picnic Proposal

Did you tune in to The Royal Wedding of our very own Prince Harry and America’s Meghan Markle? How elegant was her dress?! And the weather: it couldn’t have been better! However, this wasn’t the only highlight of the day for our Proposal Planners .We also had our very own Picnic Proposal that included a couple in love and starting a new chapter of their lives.

Eric and Stine Marie were visiting London when one morning, Eric popped out to get them their morning coffee. When he returned, he announced that as it was such a beautiful day, they were going to do what all Londoners love to do on a weekend morning: brunch!

But this wasn’t going to be just any brunch, he had organised a picnic for them in Kensington Palace Gardens!

As they walked in the morning sunshine, through the people getting in early to get the best seats to watch The Wedding, they settled on a quiet, secluded area by a pagoda. Little did Stine Marie know that Eric had purposefully led her there!

Our Proposal Planners, musicians and photographer were nearby pretending to be friends on their own picnic. Our talented photographer did a great job of “photographing the trees and landscape” whilst taking secret photos of the couple enjoying their picnic.

They even got visited by an adorable dog who was very interested in their choice of food!


Once they had tucked in to the delicious spread of food (including scrambled eggs, fresh pastries and smoothies!), a guitarist walked up to them strumming a tune on his guitar.

Next, the drummer joined in, followed by the singer who completed the trio. As they performed ‘A Thousand Years’ (Christina Perri), Eric gave a proposal speech that moved her to (happy) tears!

Eric then got down on one knee and proposed to the love of his life with the musicians playing softly in the background.


Congratulations to Eric and Stine Marie! The One Romance Team felt so privileged to be a part of this incredible moment and are so happy that the weather played its part too!


Feeling inspired? Or don’t even know where to start? Our proposal experts are here to help you organise the proposal of your dreams. Whether it’s in Dubrovnik, London, Paris or Positano, we will ensure that you are stress-free and excited for your moment! Get in touch, we can’t wait to start planning!


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