Our Magical Proposal in London’s St James Park

With each and every proposal that our Proposal Planners organise, there is always some magic in the air and sparks flying as two people begin the rest of their lives together. In this case however, the magic was all a part of the proposal!

Misha & Nika were walking through one of London’s iconic parks: St James’ Park, as all the famous flower beds were in bloom creating a beautiful setting to view the surrounding landmarks such as The Mall, Buckingham Palace and Clarence House.

As they approached Horse Guards Parade, a magician approached them asking if he could show them some tricks. Little did Nika know that this whole performance had been meticulously planned and Misha was getting butterflies as the special moment approached!

The magician asks Nika to hold a bag on her arm without telling her what’s inside and moves on to his first trick. Whilst flicking through the cards, he asks the couple to pick a card each and they end up with the King and Queen of Hearts! They write their names on their respective cards and he shuffles them back into the deck. Fanning them out, the two cards have ended up together in the pack!

For his next trick, he asks Nika to hold her hand flat with her Queen of Heart’s card and places Misha’s hand on top. After a little bit of magic’, he pulls the card out and somehow both the King and Queen of Heart’s cards have stuck together to become one!

His next question is whether they have any nicknames for each other. Misha replies that because Nika is smaller than him, he calls her the ‘little hobbit’ and when she gets angry he says the ‘kettle is boiling’. Bringing the attention back to the bag, Nika opens it to find a kettle and a copy of ‘The Hobbit’! By this point, she’s completely shocked and doesn’t know what to say or what’s going to happen next!

Taking the book out of the bag, the magician asks Nika to tell him when to stop flicking through the pages and to read the first word of the page. The word is ‘dreams’ which he then proceeds to guess the first and last letter of by ‘reading her mind’!

Nearing the end of the performance and ever closer to Misha popping the question, the magician pulls out the kettle. Inside is a piece of paper that Misha takes out that has the same word that Nika had read: ’dreams’, written on it and the magician says that ‘dreams can become real’

Before Misha’s even got down on one knee or shown her the ring, Nika is saying yes!!

Watch the full video to see the shock on Nika’s face get bigger with every magic trick and Misha’s excitement as the crucial moment gets nearer!

The One Romance loved creating this unique proposal and believe it shows exactly why we are a Multi Award-Winning Proposal Planner Company! Our Proposal Experts are here to guide you every step of the way in this significant time of your life as we know it can be nerve-wracking! Get in touch now to start your journey in creating something truly memorable for you and your partner. We make dreams come true!

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